Competitions & Routines

British Gymnastics have introduced a new revised competitive structure in 2014.
Competitions include two or three routines with ten elements in each routine. If a performer achieves a top 8 score in the qualifying round (compulsory and voluntary routines), they qualify to the final 3rd round which starts with a zero score.

Competitions are split by age groups: 9-10yrs, 11-12yrs, 13-14yrs, 15-­‐16yrs, 17-18yrs and 19yrs+. With regional National Development Programme (NDP) Level 6 and below having a 17yrs+ category rather than 17-18 and 19+ categories.

British Gymnastics have introduced an elite pathway that runs alongside NDP levels 7/8. Gymnasts can be entered at a suitable grade at the coach’s discretion.

NDP levels 3- 6 are run in regional competitions and NDP levels 7-8 and Elite are run at Zonal Qualifying events.

As a club we work towards NDP grading competitions, with an option (dependant on ability) to choose the elite pathway route.

Competitors wear competition attire:
Girls/ Women: Long sleeve or short sleeve leotard
Boys/Men: Short sleeved leotard and Trampoline longs for trampoline and shorts for DMT.

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