Design a Mascot Competition

Hi all,

I am running a design a mascot competition to raise funds for the new DMT,

I have attached the entry form – Click Here (and see below). Although I will print it off and give you all copies. You could all even enter?

I am going to get the mascot made up twice from a family friend hopefully one for the winner and one for the club.Then my plan is then to run a photo collection on the website to document its travels around the country with us (because it will be fun).

If you all could hand these entry forms out in your sessions or to anyone who wants one.

If you receive them back, with the £2, please hand them back to me I will collect them all.

I plan to meet Venka (who is making the mascot) the 1st week in September with the hope to have it finished and made by the end of September

At some point you can all help us decide the winner!

Thanks in advance

Let the fun begin

Liz xxx

>Design a Mascot